Top 5 Tips To Melbourne’s Dining Scene

Top 5 Tips To Melbourne’s Dining Scene

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#1 Get ‘lost’ in laneways


The beauty and charm of Melbourne lies in its mysterious laneways. Get soaked in the buzzing atmosphere with lively jazz performance while you sip your coffee away. Some of Melbourne’s most famous restaurants have special charm such as Movida which is located at Hosier Lane – a narrow cobblestone laneway with walls covered in artistic and vibrant graffiti. Market Lane also house 3 major restaurants namely, Flower Drum, Shoya and Hu Tong.Some of the most well-kept secret restaurant such as Yu-U Restaurant is usually only known to the locals. If you don’t look carefully, you might even miss the entrance to the restaurant! ( Check the entrance on the slide).

Check out this link for more laneways discoveries:

#2 Research,research,research

This is a no brainer, of course. But how and where? For free and easy search, simply check out these sites below:

If you want to invest, I would suggest buying:

  • The Age Good Food Guide (published yearly)*

The book is retailing at $29.95 at major bookstore or get them on  iPhone for only $9.95!

  • The Age Cheap Eats (published yearly)

The book is retailing at $24.85 at major bookstore or get them on iPhone for only $8.99!

* Note: The ‘hat’ awarded to restaurant are an Australian ‘equivalent’ to Michelin Star..almost.

#3 Pick up the phone!

Just pick up the phone and book the restaurant. It doesn’t cause a dent in your pocket and it only takes 5 minutes of your life.Better still, book it through online booking. If you are travelling from overseas, I would suggest book your restaurant first before your flight. Well, it is a bit far-fetched. But, it is partly true. The usual booking list for a ‘popular’ restaurant is about 2 weeks to 2 months in average and maybe more for a renowned restaurant (I’m serious!) especially for a Friday/Saturday nights. The key is organisation. Don’t be disappointed when you rock up and get knocked back. It’s harder than getting an entry to a ‘cool’ club. Alternatively, go for lunch instead of dinner during weekday. That would be the best option for hassle free dining experience.

#4 Book for the 2nd session for dinner

There’s usually two sittings for dinner  either at 6pm or 8pm. Unless you want to suffer from indigestion or have a cool plan after dinner, opt for the second sitting. This way you can have a relaxing and all night long dining experience.

#5 Don’t miss Chinatown

Your dining experience won’t be complete without going to the Chinatown. Located along Little Bourke Street in the city, it is one of the most dynamic places. With huge varieties to choose from, one just need to be cautious if there’s a girl wearing a traditional cheong sam ( traditional Chinese costume) trying to lure you in to the restaurant. Your best bet is the ones with the most Asians in them, naturally. One of my personal favourite yum cha is at the Shark Finns House Restaurant ( but that’s another article all together!)

Calling Melbournian foodies, feel free to add more tips to the list on the comments!



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