Seafood galore at The Anchorage Restaurant

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Located on the Strand on Williamstown, which overlook the bay area, this boat house converted restaurant is not your typical walk-in restaurant. I would probably missed out on the great seafood if it wasn’t for my friends.This restaurant specially caters for functions such as birthdays,weddings,christening and corporate functions. No wonder the shouts of Hip Hip Hooray can be heard throughout the night!So,what’s the special occasion that we were there? NO,it’s not what you think. I guess it’s a meeting of seafood lovers and that’s a celebration of its own! As you would have guessed by now, I have a high affinity for crilly crawly creatures  seafood, so it is an invitation that I can’t turned down.

So,the order of the night is to tackle the seafood platter ( I heard it is massive).The seafood platter has to be ordered 48 hours prior notice with a $50 deposit and priced at $200. I guess that way we are reassured that the platter is filled with only the freshest seafood available. And, we have to commit ourselves to a night of seafood galore. It’s a win-win situation if you ask me! For a table of four, we also ordered a a bowl of chips and vegetables ( to clear our conscience of a high cholesterol laden feast) .I know I’m up for a seafood feast but I didn’t expect how massive the platter was.I broke into a smile with the mountain piled of seafood in front of me. Here’s the proof!

I am happy with the mountain piled seafood!@foodloca

Here’s the rundown of the seafood platter: Whole Crayfish, Bugs, Crab, Scallops, 1 Dozen Oysters Natural, 1 Dozen Oysters Kilpatrick, Fried Calamari, Pan fried Prawn cutlets, Smoked Salmon & Tasmanian Salmon.Besides the size of the platter, what I love most of the platter lies in its varieties,presentation and its freshness of seafood.I love biting into the juicy pan-fried prawn cutlets and enjoy the buttery sauce with scallops. The oysters are nicely shucked and fresh. There’s no fried calamari ring in sight or anything deep-fried in fact. I feel the best way to enjoy seafood is to eat them as the way the are with minimal cooking or preparation. I would be very suspicious of a platter with deep-fried items. We tackled the platter starting with the fresh oysters and ended with the crayfish. I don’t know how a couple could finish this whole platter. A lesson to be learned from a story accounted by the waitress. An ambitious couple tried to save the best for the last (the crayfish) but simply haven’t had the room to stomach it. So, that leave them no choice but to garbage it. Ouch! What a waste. So, I guess saving the best for last philosophy doesn’t apply all the time and especially in this case! It’s interesting to observe eating habits of people. I think there’s two types of people in general ‘ Those who save the best for the last or those who tackle the best first.” I personally like to tackle the best first. I wonder how this translates in life? ( Before I side track to my philosophy streak, I better concentrate on the food first!).

The service was attentive and friendly. The waitress came back to do a stock take on the platter and refused to take it away unless we polish it. I think we did pretty well. We just left a few items on the plate so she finally took it away. No stomach for desserts, I just ordered port to finish off as my friends ordered the crème brûlée. With a stomach full and rousing conversations and companies, it was indeed a celebration of its own! At the end of the night, there’s a feedback form and one of the questions was ‘Would you come back here again?” There’s 3 choices. Definitely, Maybe,No. Yes,you’ve guessed it right. I ticked definitely but I was a bit hesitant by the choice of the word ‘definitely’. Definitely means you cannot leave anything to chance and by hook or crook, you are committed to that. It’s even more committal than saying “I do” at the altar. Therefore,I,a person of my word, would then duly commit myself to a next visit ( a matter of time that is). Till then, I have a great memory of a night of seafood feast with great companies which makes me appreciate  what’s life is all about!

The Anchorage Restaurant

Phone: (03) 9397 7050 or 9397 6270

Open: Lunch: Sun-Fri

Dinner : Mon-Sat

Price: $$$ (Main $35 onwards)

Seafood platter ( $200 with $50 deposit)

Cuisine: Seafood

Ambience: 8.0

Service: 8.5

Food: 9.0

Value:  9.0

My Rating: 8.5

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2 Responses to “Seafood galore at The Anchorage Restaurant”
  1. pump4 says:

    Peaz, not enough food in the picture!!! Fire it up a bit, please.
    also that “mountain pilled seafood” should be “mountain piled” – the pharmacy way of life is getting to us all!!

    • foodloca says:

      Hey David! Thanks for the comment.hahah..Indeed! Must be thinking too much of a patient when I wrote that.haha. Don’t worry another food video is coming up!

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