I ♥ NY Food Video – My love letter to City of Dreams

This is my love letter to NY. The city of dreams. The city that never sleeps. So,just sit back and get inspired!

My favourite food memory of New York. Eating my take-away banana cream puff from Bouchon Bakery while watching kids practising baseball at the Central Park.Priceless. If you’ve been to New York, or a New Yorker, I would love to hear  your favourite places and memories!


Taste of America Video

3 Responses to “I ♥ NY Food Video – My love letter to City of Dreams”
  1. foodloca says:

    That was awesome great job. Im headin to Nyc for restaurant week 7/11 – 7/24 3 course meals for lunch $24.07 and Dinner $35.00 its a chance to try some great places for a bargain price havent decided which restaurants yet too many to choose from! Our Chef from Mediterra Luis Bollo has just opened his own place in NYC called Salinas check out the website SalinasNYC.com I cant wait to try it! I will keep you posted Miss you too Girl
    – Debbie a fellow New Yorker!

  2. ailin says:

    Haha good job pheh sze! Can’t believe you remember the name of each dish! You’re making me hungry!

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