Wagyu BBQ delight at Guhng Restaurant


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Unique vent

This newly opened restaurant is one of those  you usually discover by accident. Located  on McKillop Lane, it is a perfect second  choice when you get rejected by the more  famous Red Spice Road Restaurant next to it.

As a fan of waygu beef,my friend recommended this delightful find for our catchup. It was a weekday after work and you’ll be amazed to find this 3 storey high restaurant already full at dinner time. Without a booking, I was made to wait as the manager decides our fate. He kept looking at his chart and then at me like it was the hardest decision he’ll ever make.After few minutes,he told me with some hesitation that a table would be ready for us (perhaps he sensed my desperation  eagerness).

One of the most striking feature of the restaurant that’s  worth mentioning is the unique vent used for BBQ at the table. It is the first I’ve seen before( I wonder if this is common in Korea?). It looks like a giant telescope turned upside down. Imagine the whole restaurant with rows of this unique looking vent. I know this is weird but I feel like I was in a factory? Perhaps its the uniformity rows of the vent in a huge space. Or more plausibly, my hunger and hypoglycemia were playing with my mind.

The restaurant is primed for functions and groups dining. They have excellent and value for money set menus catered for 2,4,6 and more people. And in each number of people per set menu, it’s then divided to a few choices. Since there’s only two of us, we only have two choices. It’s no surprise that we chose the waygu beef set. It comes with an entrée with 2 choices, a hotpot also with 2 choices, waygu beef, rice and 2 sets of dessert. All this only for $46. My only complain is that the entrée choices comes with beef as well! I don’t want to eat the whole set with only beef even it’s a beef salad! So, we requested for fried dumpling for the entrée from the other cheaper version set menu.This was of course done with pleasure. I’m not sure if it works the other way round tho!

Black rice

Side dishes

I love Korean side dishes. I’ve had a 10 varieties before when I was in LA (that alone can be eaten as tapas!). The rice was special. It’s not your usual steamed white rice but black rice. Black rice is known to be more nutritious. Originally in China,it was considered the Emperor’s rice and it was forbidden for anyone else to eat it. I guess time has changed,huh? The texture is more coarse than the jasmine white rice but I guess I wasn’t complaining since it’s good for me.

Fried dumpling

Kimchi hotpot

I find both of the fried dumpling and kimchi hotpot to be quite average. For a delicious kimchi hotpot, I would recommend going to Seoul Restaurant instead. Anyhow, they are not supposed to be the hero of the menu. You’ll be up for a surprise later on which is the ‘real’ hero of the menu!

Waygu beef on the grill with charcoal

Now we are talking! I love how charcoal is used for grill to add extra flavour to the meat. Although the waygu meat here is just  7+ score, they were extremely good in quality. They just melt in your mouth… It’s so buttery and tender. Mmmm… They taste as good as it comes.

So,what could be better after the sublime melt-in-your mouth BBQ waygu? Well, you’ll be in for a surprise! It was the dessert that took the icing on the cake as so to speak. You get to choose two out of 3 choices. So, we chose the green tea tiramisu and the black sesame ice cream with chocolate ganache. The other option was a pannacota.

Black sesame ice cream with chocolate ganache served with red beans

We were taken by surprise to see this beautiful dessert in a so-called BBQ restaurant. The presentation looks like it’s out from a more fancy restaurant,don’t you think? I thought the ice cream would come as a single scoop on a bowl. But,boy what a surprise! It’s really a good effort. The black sesame ice cream has smooth texture and tasted really good. However,I question the combination of black sesame ice cream with chocolate. A vanilla ice cream would probably pulled that off if you ask me.

Green tea tiramisu

Now, this is the real hero of the menu. The presentation was spot on and the tiramisu looked so inviting. You can even see the individual distinctive separation of the layers of the cake. It was not too sweet (that’s how I like my dessert) and the green tea flavour was subtle. The set menu was definitely ended with a high note and a full tummy.

I think this restaurant would be a perfect choice for occasion and events as the menu are catered specifically for groups and reasonably priced. Nobody will complain of lack of food-trust me!

Guhng Restaurant

19 McKillop Street

Melbourne, 3000

Phone: (03) 9041 2192

Open: Lunch: Mon-Fri

Dinner: Mon-Sun

Price: $$(Main $15-$25)

Cuisine: Korean/ BBQ

Ambience: 8.0

Service: 7.0

Food: 8.5

Value:  9.0

My Rating: 8.1

Guhng (The Palace) on Urbanspoon


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  1. foodloca says:

    “Not wrong there about the mouthgasm Wagyu blade.. if nothing else, that single experience was worth it. Ah that Tiramisu was quite a something too.”- Tim

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