Heavenly sweet at Hopetoun Tea Rooms

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The classic 19th century Block Arcade

Inside the charming 19th century Block Arcade,hold the delightful Hopetoun Tea Rooms. There’s no more befitting place to showcase what I call the heavenly eye candy display. I can’t pinpoint what is the influence and the choice of the green colour wallpaper adorned all over the tearoom. It is European for sure.A cross between the elegance of the French and old charm of the English. It is a place where you feel like a lady. All I need is my white glove and I’ll fit right in!

It was love at first sight. Remember how I always equate food to visual feast? This is one of those moments. Standing outside of the teahouse, we glazed over the sights of pretty and delicious desserts in front of us.The artistically placed desserts ranging from cakes,eclairs,tarts to scones easily arrest your attention. They look almost too good to be eaten! For those who knows me well, I’m not much of a sweet tooth person ( I once requested a not too sweet dessert). Having said that, one thing that I can’t resist is beautiful things. Desserts are such delicate and delightful things to look at and of course,to be eaten too.

The service is always friendly and the hostess is ever so lovely and make you feel like you have been invited to a home. I like even how even the cashier ask how your dining experience went. It has been one of my favourite hangouts ever since I found out this little gem.

Beautiful display of dolce la vita

Eye candy cakes

Heavenly looking cakes

I have tried various cakes and desserts and ALL of them never fail to disappoint me so far.They are usually served individually with cream and fruit on the side with sprinkle of icing.Even the lunch is pretty good. There’s nothing better to spend a weekend sipping tea and enjoying every morsel of the sweet delights in a good company. If you are a sweet lover, I can not recommend this high enough. And, this comes from someone who doesn’t enjoy sweets!

Hopetoun Tea Room

Block Arcade

Melbourne Central, 3000

Phone: (03) 9650 2777

Open: Breakfast & Lunch: Mon-Sun

Price: $ (Less $15)

Cuisine: Tea Room/ Desserts

Ambience: 9.0

Service: 9.0

Food: 9.5

Value:  8.5

My Rating: 9.0

Hopetoun Tea Rooms on Urbanspoon


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