So chic at Cumulus Inc.

So chic at Cumulus Inc.

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It wasn’t the simplistic architecture of this loft-like space restaurant that caught my attention at first. What then could it be? You’ll laugh. It’s none other than the little Moreki Neko ( Lucky Cat) sitting awkwardly alongside more ‘comme il faut’ decorations that fit into the surrounding. Then I start to wonder if the bright red column not only serve as an artistic touch to the otherwise solemn colour scheme but also as a part of ‘feng shui’ ( I think ‘The Renovator” excessive play during Masterchef probably has to explain for my sudden keen observation on architecture and design!) Now, let’s get down to real deal -food!

The 'lucky cat' looks out of place with the rest of the decorations

The 'lucky cat' looks out-of-place with the rest of the decorations

The bright red column added a 'surprise' element to the interior

The bright red column added a 'surprise' element to the interior

Having been to Cutler & Co., I must say I prefer Cumulus Inc. much better. I love the casual dining area overlooking the kitchen and round tables perfect for sharing menus. As expected, we have to wait for 1 hour before being seated at the prime seat – overlooking the kitchen. Sitting on the high bench, overlooking the kitchen, I felt like part of a spectator of a culinary transformation. I couldn’t be happier ( Not too excited to fall off my seats-mind you).

Now you see them

Now you don't! Promise we didn't scare them away!

We wanted to try the infamous lamb shoulder but decided to go for the variety options as there’s only two of us. I wish I can have a bite of it! It’s massive so it’ll be a perfect dish for sharing. So, first stop the octopus with aioli and dehydrated black olive. The dish looks so pretty and delicate. The texture of octopus is firm and tasted like sashimi and I love the little kick of hot chilli at the end. The wonderful dish blends so well with the silky dehydrated olive oil. The olive oil was so good that we dip our bread and wiped the plate clean!

Slow cooked octopus with aioli and dehydrated olive

Another seafood dish next – crispy soft shell crab and prawn with salad. I love the combination of flavours in this dish. The nicely coated and fried soft shell crab and prawn are nicely balanced with a sweet sour salad of shredded cabbage,honey and chardonnay vinegar. The salad reminds me of a Thai green mango salad.I find it how amazing total different ingredients could be translated into another dish.

Fried soft shell crab and prawns, shredded cabbage,honey and chardonnay vinegar

For vegetarian choice, we opted for the Jerusalem artichoke. For those not familiar with Jerusalem artichoke,it nothing like what the name suggested. It is neither originated from Jerusalem nor it is an artichoke ( Why would you name it then?!). For  our consolation (or mine primarily), it tasted like an artichoke. The dish was tasty with sweet flavour of the artichoke and celery with a hint of truffled sauce.

Warm Jerusalem artichoke salad with truffled buttermilk and celery heart

There’s nothing I like better than a great selection of charcuterie to transport me back to Italy. So,chef selection it is- Wagyu bresaola, beetroot, dill, horseradish yoghurt,prosciutto di Parma,Coppacolla,Jellied ham hock & pigs head terrine, English cream dressing.

Charcuterie chef selection

With all those food, you must be wondering if we still have the stomach for desserts. Well, not only we ordered one but two! We had the special of the day – blood orange with cream and petit four ( I always wonder why name it four when it only come with 3?). I hate to disappoint you but the dessert didn’t leave much to desire ( perhaps we ordered wrong choice). I heard the ordered to make madeleine was quite sensational.

Special dessert- Blood orange

Petit four

After a not so inspiring experience at Cutler & Co, I think Andrew McConnell definitely hit all the right notes for Cumulus Inc.. Cumulus Inc. summed up what Melbourne dining scene is all about  – chic, understated , inspiring menu and of course, the long wait!

Cumulus Inc.

45 Flinders Ln
Melbourne, 3000

Open: Mon- Sun


Price: $$$ ($25-$35 mains)

Cuisine: European

Description: Restaurant,Bar

Ambience: 8.5

Service: 8.5

Food: 9.0

Value:  9.0

My Rating: 8.75

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