A gem at Golden Fields

A gem at Golden Fields

‘ Would you like to write a ‘love letter’ back to Andrew? Of course! Give me a pen!”

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This is not a regular food review. Instead, it will be my ‘love letter’ to the creator of Golden Fields, Andrew McConnell, as a token of my appreciation ( I DID write him a note as a reply to his personal autographed menu). Andrew McConnell, has demonstrated that food is an art and a reflection of culture.In this borderless world today, food too, has undergone transformation to reflect that. And, Golden Fields has definitely done that. Read on as how Andrew transported us all across China to Southeast Asia and momentarily to New England..

Dearest Andrew,

I have now been to ALL of your 3 restaurants Cutler & Co., Cumulus Inc. and Golden Fields. There are not many restaurants known by the chef/owner rather than the restaurant itself. And, you are definitely one of the few. When I think of your restaurants, something similar come into my mind. Your restaurants are known as much for the architecture as the food itself. All of them speak of sophisticated simplicity. Having now met you, I think the restaurants are a reflection of the owner as well ( as how most home speaks of the home owner!). Creative, simple and truly chic.

Anticipation is a seductive draw. Never knowing which food comes first add an element of surprise. Most people love surprises ,don’t they? Asian dining primarily consists of a table of shared dishes with rice. I’m just so amazed  as to how you so cleverly  integrate Asian inspired dishes without me wishing having rice with them. A sophisticated hawker tapas style is probably the closest way to describe the dining experience. Having armed with recommended and ‘must try’ dishes from my fellow foodie friends, decisions are made. You are going to find out with a little surprise what came on top of our list. I, too, was surprised by my own response.

Shredded cabbage,Moreton Bay bugs,Kampot pepper and mint

What a great way to start our evening! The salad was refreshing with the hint of mint and Kampot pepper. Kampot pepper is renowned for decades as one of the best peppers in the world. It develops an enthralling aroma, strong, delicate and aromatic smell. What could have been a simple coleslaw salad with mayonnaise has been transformed to a memorable salad just by adding these small elements. The fresh juicy bugs also add texture to the salad. You transported us to Cambodia and back to Australia.

Grass-fed Black Angus beef, kimchi puree,egg yolk,crudite
Crudite with beef tartare

This dish from the raw section of the menu truly showcase the freshness of the produce. What I love most about this dish is the 3 crudite combination of green vegetables with the beef tartare.Tthe textural difference between the crunchy stalk ,cucumber and the green leaf eaten together with tasty beef tartare combined with kimchi puree make this simple yet creative combination another winner.

New Englad lobster roll,hot buttered bun,cold poached crayfish,watercress and Kewpie
You would want more of this!

If a dish could take you to a few places all at once, it would have been this one! It’s amazing how food could conjure memories of places you’ve visited. Served with a silver plate, the lobster roll momentarily transport me back to Boston with the memory of Maine lobster. All I need is a mini milkshake and we’ll be right! The lobster is sandwiched between a glistening brown bun ( sourced from Bread top) with Kewpie,which is a Japanese mayonnaise (I’ve been a loyal fan since first introduced by my Japanese housemate). So, as I bite into the roll, I was once again transported to Asia. In fact, the dish conjured such diverse memories that it then brought me back to the present- eating with my friends in the amazing city of Melbourne. This winning dish definitely bring a huge smile on my face! So,thank you!

Twice cooked duck,steamed bread,vinegar and plum sauce
A clever version of ‘peking duck’

Andrew,I reckon you’ve been to most of the Asian countries. How one transform a traditional dish of Peking duck to a dish of few origins must be the work of an avid traveller. Instead of a traditional roast duck, the duck was twice cooked which is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Instead of a thin pancake, it was served with a bun instead topped with plum sauce and vinegar. At this point, 2 parties have declared their favourites. 2 votes for lobster roll vs 2 votes for the twice cooked duck!

Whole roasted dory,lime,sorrel,burnt butter

Burnt butter. That got my attention. For me, any butter is good (I LOVE butter! )A huge fan of seafood, once again I was won over. The fish was roasted to golden brown crisp with soft flesh inside. The aroma of the burnt butter is fragrant and subtle. I like how attention to details come into place with the segmented lime. Aren’t we pampered? ( We don’t even get our hands dirty!)

Shredded chicken,sesame paste,house-made cold rice noodles, chilli oil

If you are a fan of sesame oil, this would be the dish for you! The dish reminded me of Shanghai. The chicken was tender and the house-made cold rice noodles soaked the the flavours of the sesame paste and chilli oil. My guests loved it but I find the sesame taste to be slightly over powering. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it.

Before we get to dessert, I want to thank you again for making it a special night. I’m so glad that Rena spotted you at the kitchen!! Fion would have probably spotted our excitement, especially me! “Would you like to write a ‘love letter’ to Andrew?” she asked. “Of course! Get me a pen!”.I was so excited when Fion came with a personal autographed menu .But, I would have never expected you to pay us a visit at the table! So, it’s great to meet you in person! I always pay my compliments to the chef when I’m extremely satisfied. And to do that to the chef in person was the best way to show my appreciation. So, thank you again for bringing a smile on my face!

The owner/chef Andrew McConnell & a very delighted ‘moi’!
Group picture with Andrew McConnell
My treasured personal autograph from Andrew McConnell

Yes,save the best for last they said.. The dessert. I’m not much of a sweet tooth person but it’s definitely growing on me. The first dessert of black sesame, lime and yoghurt was refreshing. The second dessert which I can’t wait to reveal has definitely had everybody’s attention!

Black sesame,lime and yoghurt

If you recall, I mentioned how I was surprised my favourite dish turned out to be. To my own surprise, it wasn’t the lobster roll. It was the peanut butter parfait,salted caramel and soft chocolate! The creamy peanut butter parfait was perfect with the salted caramel and the soft chocolate. The crunchy roasted nut just complete the whole deal.. Everyone was silent as we savour this to-die for dessert creation. It’s simply lickin’ good! Yuuummm…. In fact, this dessert has then become my lasting memory of Golden Fields. Who would have thought?! A dessert? That says something especially in my book!

Peanut butter parfait,salted caramel and soft chocholate

By the end of the night,everyone was smiling. The service was great and food was memorable.That’s what I call a true success. When a creator managed to capture memories and elements and put them on a plate. I call it an art. Thank you for the journey as we eat our way through Asia and back. All I can say is that I’ve definitely found a gem at Golden Fields!

Yours truly,

Pheh Sze @ Foodloca

ps: I’ll be back!

Golden Fields


157 Fitzroy Street
St Kilda,3182

Open: Tues – Sun ( Closed on Monday)

Breakfast: Fri -Sun

Lunch & Dinner:  Tues – Sun

Price: $$$ ( $25-35 per main)

Cuisine: Asian fusion

Description: Restaurant,Bar

Ambience: 8.5

Service: 9.0

Food: 9.5

Value:  9.0

My Rating: 9.0

Golden Fields on Urbanspoon

Checkout Cumulus Inc. also by Andrew McConnell!

Cumulus Inc.

So chic at Cumulus Inc. 

7 Responses to “A gem at Golden Fields”
  1. Vic says:

    Great review of an amazing restaurant. I must try it.

  2. So awesome that you got to meet Andrew McConnell! Did he give you the recipe for the parfait?? 😉

    • foodloca says:

      lol! I know!!! Really made the night special. I WISH that he did! !hahah..That’s why he’s the famous chef and we’re the happy customer. I think he should put that as his signature dish instead of the lobster roll. What do you think? By the way, what camera are you using? Really love the pics!

      • Nina says:

        They’re both pretty amazing, I couldn’t pick! Oh I’m so hungry for lobster roll and parfait right now… *tummy rumbles* !
        Thanks 🙂 the Golden Fields post is with our Canon 7D, and we also use a Nikon D90.

  3. haha, he clearly has you won over =P

    • foodloca says:

      Haha…well,his art @ food speaks for itself. But, you may be right there. Meeting the creator himself may have skewed my taste buds a little..hehe. By the way, love your photography! Great job!

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