Old European Charm at Mamor Chocolate Salonz

” I almost didn’t want to leave..”

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Food Social, which is founded by me and my sis, partnered up with Hanna from Mamor Salonz to bring a memorable -Have A Date With Chocolate event.

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The popular Father's Day theme window display

Who would have thought by stepping into a shop (especially tucked away in Collingwood), one can immediately be transported to the enchanting charm of old Europe. You can’t help but to be captivated even before entering into Mamor Chocolates Salonz. The window display of ‘manly’ theme collections of antiques, aeroplane and chess set of chocolate pieces with heavy red drapes teases you of what lies inside. Add to the allure is the appointment only entry .

Greeted by the charming host/owner, Dr. Hanna, dressed in the soon obvious theme of the salonz in black and red, we were ushered to what I call an European oasis in the heart of Melbourne.  In has been awhile since I last stroll on the street Vienna but slowly the memories trickle back . With  lively piano pieces playing on the background ,I slowly take in the surrounding.The Baroque inspired salonz exudate drama, opulence and grandeur with bright red wall, golden panelling and lavishly furnished and upholstered antique chairs. Nothing was spared in details. Chandeliers of crystal and silver accessories sparkle with the stream of sunshine shining through. The only thing missing – me in a fancy periodic 18th century gown with lace and silk complete with my silk long glove!

Arrays of chocolate truffles are invitingly and strategically placed on a glass cabinet as you make your way in. I know you can’t wait to know all about the chocolate but please be patient. Anticipation is the key. Set for us was a beautiful and delicately placed tea settings with gold and silver tea set. I was informed by Hanna each of them are taken with extreme care and handwashed piece by piece ( I would probably get all my guests to sign an insurance if it’s at my place!)

Delicate and intricate tea set with gold and silver trimming

Beautifully ornate tea set

A French bubbly was offered to start off the high tea. This marks the start of a celebration of what Old Europe charm has to offer. Be prepared to be treated like a royalty even it’s just for the day. Besides the bubbly, we were offered choices from tea to juice and coffee. We’ve chosen a recommended Madame Flavour Signature blend of 3 Ceylon spices. I first thought it was a home brand with its signature black and red tin. Being a tea drinker, the choice of the boutique brand of Madame Flavour was such a befitting,both in style and flavours.

Madame Flavour Signature Blend

What I love most about the Mamor Chocolate High Tea is the well-thought balance of savouries and sweets dishes. Dr. Hanna, who is hailed originally from Hungary ,has parted with her European heritage and presented us her with her European version of high tea. With a savoury tooth (aka moi) and my sweet tooth company, Mamor Chocolate High Tea won over both parties. For savouries, we started off with a tray of lipto cheese bites and goat cheese tartlet with red onion.

Goat cheese tartlet with red onion & Lipto cheese bites

I love how the light,buttery crisp of the tartlet crumbled as you bite into the well-balanced flavours of goat cheese with red onion underneath. The Lipto cheese bites are made of ricotta and feta cheese pureed with spices. Dr. Hanna will quiz the guest what spice is Hungary is famous for. I won’t give a spoiler but do your homework! She may be pleased with your answer and you know what people say with happy hostess!

A tray of delectable: from the bottom - Pogácsa, scones, Zserbo slice

The three-tier reminds me of a taste transition. From savoury to savourish with sweet and finally up of the top-the sweets (save the best for last!). It’s always a good reminder to leave with a sweet memory ,don’t you think?I work my way up from bottom to the top,starting off with Pogácsa,a savoury Hungarian scone. The texture was crumbly just like a scone consistency.They are also flatter than a traditional scone so you don’t need to half it. In the middle,we have the traditional scone eaten with home-made jam and cream. The jam for the day was orange. The scone consistency was buttery and complements well with the slightly bitter-sweet orange jam and the fluffy cream. For the sweet tooth, the last tier is what you’ll be waiting for (In fact, my sweet tooth companion dived for that first out of the three!).To taste a Zserbo slice is to taste Hungary. It is perhaps the most known pastry in Hungary and has long history. It is usually baked for celebration and special occasions. How befitting the Zserbo slices sit right on the top like a jewel as a high tea at Mamor Salonz feels like a celebration on its own!

A tray of delights to tempt you - Mamor handmade truffles

Before indulging  our tray of chosen delectable truffles, we were served freshly cut fruits of apple and mandarin orange to cleanse our palate. Both of us chosen the Bailey and jasmine tea for myself and mint for my friend.  Even though my friend is not  huge fan of white chocolate, she loved how the flavours come together with the dark chocolate underneath the white chocolate coat. You can taste the subtle taste of the chosen flavours in all of the truffles. A real jasmine blossom is even used on the top of the jasmine tea dark chocolate! With 30 flavours to choose from,you are spoiled for choices! You can either go for the traditional mint or rum to the more exotic flavours of chilli kataia, potent absinthe to one of a kind green tea wasabi. Also, I’m surprised how Dr. Hanna ( a food chemist) and her husband, managed to come up with a chocolate combined with the lesser known Tongkat Ali ( I used to sell lots of this herb working as a pharmacist in Malaysia!),a natural aphrodisiac, to spice things up ( you know what I mean!). Mamor chocolate also specialise in couture chocolat where your fanciful chocolate desire can turn into reality.

Dr. Hanna reminded us to save the best for the last, which is her personal favourite – Somlo sponge cake. Are you ready for its description?

Three tier of delights

Somlo sponge cake

Somlo sponge cake is a rum soaked walnut and chocolate sponge cake layered with vanilla pudding, apricot jam, topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. You have all the goodies served in a martini glass! If that is not good enough,I don’t know what is! Yuummm.. This what life should consist of – desire ( rum soaked sponge cake), fun (whipped cream) and happiness ( chocolate sauce)!

To me personally, Mamor Chocolate Salonz not only sell chocolate or even high tea but an experience. An experience of the old charm of Europe which I missed so much. With a personalised service from Dr. Hanna and her husband,Dr. Howard,I know that if I ever need to revisit and rekindle my fond memories of Europe, Mamor Salonz will be a warm welcome. An experience is some thing or some event gained through involvement in or exposure to that thing or event. If I were you, unless you have a ready ticket to Europe, Mamor Salonz is as good as you get right in the heart of Melbourne.I,for one,almost didnt want to leave…

Mamor Chocolate Salonz


153 Johnston Street Collingwood, 3066

Open: Mon- Sun (10am -5pm)

Note: By appointment only

Cuisine: Dessert

Description: Chocolate Salonz, High Tea, Events

Ambience: 9.0

Service: 9.0

Food: 8.5

Value: 8.5

My Rating: 8.75

Mamor Chocolate Szalon on Urbanspoon

4 Responses to “Old European Charm at Mamor Chocolate Salonz”
  1. MoMo & Coco says:

    Hey there! Gorgeous place, and absolute fantastic service, isn’t it? A pity that part of our description of it in our earlier blog post has been taken by the venue for its own website description. Oh well. Still a fabulous gem with some of the best chocolates in Melbourne. Glad you enjoyed it as much as us. 🙂

    • foodloca says:

      Indeed. I’d suppose your descriptions of Mamor have been so eloquently put that they couldn’t think of a better way to do it themselves! That’s a compliment at its highest..to me at least. Yes,I felt like a royalty even it is just for a day! What’s your favourite chocolate? I love the brandy with the read to drink liqueur as you bite into it and the cherry added texture to the delectable truffle…yumm

      • MoMo & Coco says:

        Hey again. That’s an interesting perspective to consider, and we will take that to heart, thankyou. 🙂 Oh yes, the cherry liquer one is superb, as is the lavender and mint. But it’s very hard to pick a favourite!! The flavour intensity of most of Mamor’s chocolates are almost up there with London’s Paul A Young and definitely surpass most other Melbourne chocolatiers (we’ll post on this soon).

        PS: I know you replied to a comment on our Golden Fields post where you indicated you had been to Mamor too, but we couldn’t seem to find it again when we went to approve it. If you want to re-post, feel free so our readers can link to your Mamor page too. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures. 🙂

      • foodloca says:

        I’ve just posted my own version of Mamor experience on your blog. Thank you for your request- very kind of you. As I’ve mentioned on your blog, I feel a kind of kindred spirit between us even though we’ve not met. It’s been a pleasure being acquainted with a ‘sweeter’ version of dining experience through your blog. Cheers!

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