Part 2: Where to get Malaysian Dishes in Melbourne

Now that you are acquainted with some Malaysian hawker dishes, wouldn’t it be nice to know where are the best places to try those dishes? And, there’s nothing better than a fellow Malaysian recommendation! I must admit, my knowledge may be limited within 5km parameter of Melbourne CBD, but it’s expanding for sure. I’ll review each places with must-have

My top 5 Malaysian Hawker Food Eatery


# 1 Laksa King

Assam Laksa

Whenever I have cravings for Penang Assam laksa, this will be the first spot I’ll go. It’s as close as you can get at home. Assam laksa is probably the most popular dish in Penang,where I come from. You either love or hate the dish. It is a sour, fish-based soup with silky rice noodles served with strips of cucumber,onion and pineapple. It is listed at number 7 on World’s 50 most delicious foods complied by CNN Go in 2011.

Laksa King is also famous for its other version of laksa such as curry laksa-coconut base broth with yellow noodles.

When I first discovered Laksa King, it was just a humble tiny store. Today, it has expanded to probably 5x bigger. How and why? Find out for yourselves!

Laksa King

Hours	M	T	W	T	F	S	S
Lunch	✓	✓	✓	✓	✓	✓	✓
Dinner	✓		✓	✓	✓	✓	✓
Late						✓
Price: $ (main under $15)

Laksa King on Urbanspoon

#2 Sambal Kampung

Sambal prawn and vegetables with rice

Perfect for a quick,easy and delicious meal in the CBD especially for lunch hours in the city. The name derives from ‘sambal’ meaning chilli based sauce and ‘kampung’ simply means a village. One of the must try dish which symbolise the restaurant is a sambal dish whether it is the choice of prawn,calamari or chicken. You can always let them know your level tolerance of ‘spiciness”. You can only guessed mine!

Other hawker style dishes are good too – try the beef rendang or chicken curry with roti, kung pao chicken just to name a few.

Hours M T W T F S S Breakfast Lunch ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Dinner ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Price: $ (main under $15)

Note: CASH only
Sambal Kampung on Urbanspoon

#3 Malaymas

Char kuey teow

If you’ve ever have char keuy teow craving, this is the place to go! It won’t disappoint, I assure you. Char koay teow is a stir fried ricecake noodle strips over very high heat with light and dark soy sauce, chilli, a small quantity of belachan, whole prawns, deshelled cockles, bean sprouts and chopped Chinese chives. It’s one of my favourite hawker food ( the first two dishes I eat once touched down in Penang!). Char keuy teow is so authentic that it even come with deshelled cockles (wonder where they get it from?) and chives. Love it!

Hours	M	T	W	T	F	S	S
Lunch	✓	✓	✓	✓	✓
Dinner	✓      ✓	✓	✓	✓	✓       ✓

Price: $ (main under $15)

Note: CASH only
Malaymas on Urbanspoon

#4 Hawker’s Cafe

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hawker’s Cafe used to be located on Russell Street in the CBD. I’ve just found it is now closed and shifted to Hawthorn (what  a shame for me!). It will really test my motivation if I will travel all the way to Glenferrie road to satisfy my Hainanese Chicken Rice craving! Hawker’s Cafe signature dish, the Hainanese chicken rice, comes with fragrant jasmine rice cooked with fragrant pandan leaves and chicken stock served with boiled chicken and chilli dipping sauce. A definite must try if you ever get the chance to come here!

Hawker’s Cafe

Hours	M	T	W	T	F	S	S
Lunch	✓	✓	✓	✓	✓	✓	✓
Dinner	✓      ✓	✓	✓	✓	✓       ✓
Price: $$ (main $15- $25)

Hawker's Cafe 2 on Urbanspoon

#5 Nasi Lemak House

Nasi lemak original with Cucumber, Anchovies, Fried Egg and Papadoms.

Just as the name suggests, the restaurant is famous for its nasi lemak. Nasi lemak ,a traditional Malay dish, is considered as the national dish with its popularity among all Malaysians of different races. The rice is cooked with coconut milk  and a knot of pandan to give its fragrance flavour. It is traditionally served in a banana leaf and comes with fried anchovies,egg, cucumber,sambal (chilli condiment). Nasi Lemak House specialise in nasi lemak that come in different variation.If you are a nasi lemak fan, don’t miss this one!

Nasi Lemak House

Hours	M	T	W	T	F	S	S
Lunch	✓	✓	✓	✓	✓	✓	✓
Dinner	✓      ✓	✓	✓	✓	✓       ✓
Price: $ (main under $15)

Nasi Lemak House on Urbanspoon

That’s all for now folks! This is just the start of my Malaysian food journey here.. What is your favourite Malaysian dish and where is the best place for the dish? Do share with me (sharing is caring!)! Till next meal,selamat makan (happy eating)!


If you’ve missed Part 1: Where to get Malaysian Dishes in Malaysia,here it is:

4 Responses to “Part 2: Where to get Malaysian Dishes in Melbourne”
  1. Andy says:

    Thanks Pheh,

    Great tips. I look forward to checking out your recommendations.

    Heres my great find…although it is Vietnamese, not Malaysian:

    Dong Que VN Vietnamese Restaurant
    102 Hopkins St, Footscray


    • foodloca says:

      Hey thanks for the tips! I know that the best Vietnamese restaurants are in Footscray but never really explore the area. Time for me to get out of the CBD!

      • Kwong says:

        I have been to Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam in Flemington and they are pretty good too. It is authentic and very close to home on the set up and dishes and drinks serving there. They also serve fresh cook roti and not using frozen roti like most Malaysian restaurant.

      • foodloca says:

        Hiya Kwong! Thanks for your tips. I’ve been to Chillipadi in CBD but not the one in Flemington. The chef/owner ,Robert, is from Penang too! Would definitely make a visit there when I’m around the area! Have you been to the one in the city?

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