City View At La Camera

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Night view on Southgate


My pastel colour version

” La Camera ” translated to “The Room” is indeed a room with a view. Located along Southgate overlooking the city skyline, dine and watch the view changes as the sunset glimmer reflected on the river (Cue: romantic dinner!). As a cardholder of Connoisseur Club member, I’ve been a loyal patron over the years. La Camera which also comes with a bar, is always buzzing with activities with each visit.I may also add the accents spoken here are just as varied as the menu ( good chance to practice your newly learned French perhaps?). The menu ranges from classic Italians such as thin crusted pizza,pasta,risotto,gnocchi to Australian favourite such as chicken parmigiana.

To look through  my food photos of La Camera is to walk down the memory lane. You”ll notice different settings of day and night and also my transition of photography skill as well! I’ll start with primi and end with dessert.


First off, bruschetta.Thick slice of toasted ciabatta with freshly diced tomato,onion and seasoned with basil and  a dash of olive oil. Simple. Refreshing. A great way to start a meal (although,I ordered this after my scallop salad because it wasn’t enough to fill me up!)

Bruschetta al Pomodoro-Toasted ciabatta bread with diced tomato, onion and fresh basil

For those who like varieties, this is a good choice.

Cappesante al Chorizo*Seared large Japanese scallops and pan fried chorizo, served with Mediterranean salad of tomato, capsicum, cucumber, onion, kalamata olives and vinaigrette


For a light lunch (if there’s such a thing for me! I need to order another dish after this meal!), try the various salad with seafood,chicken and meat.With Insalata di Cappesante,the scallops were beautifully seared with juicy and tender and complemented well with silky virgin olive oil and slightly acidic balsamic reduction. Orange adds a refreshing touch to the salad combination of crunchy fennel,watercress and rocket.

Insalata di Cappesante- Seared large Japanese scallops served with potato pancake, watercress, rocket, fennel and orange salad, balsamic reduction and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

I did not enjoy my second salad choice (the answer to your question -NO,it’s on a different time!).I find the lamb on the salad to be on the dry side and not cooked pink as described. The combination of the salad and lamb works well nevertheless.

Insalata di Agnello* 23.50 Tender marinated lamb fillets (cooked pink) served with rocket, fetta, carrots, tomato and beetroot salad with balsamic reduction


Gnocchi,which is a thick,soft dumpling made from flour,egg,and potato, is especially good over here. They are soft and melt in your mouth. Choose from either a creamy sauce or tomato based sauce. With creamy sauce,you’ll always start enthusiastically but end with less zeal.

Gnocchi all’ Alfredo- Gnocchi with mushrooms, bacon and spring onion in a creamy parmesan sauce

My preference is with the napoli sauce which the more acidic tomato base will balance the creamy shaved parmesan cheese on the top.

Gnocchi alla Posillipo Gnocchi tossed with cream, napoli sauce, parmesan and topped with grilled mozzarella


My personal choice is the Spaghetti alla Carrettiera / con Gamberi with added prawns, of course. Unfortunately, my hunger had taken over my habit of taking photo of my food first in this instance. I have no choice but to leave it to your imagination. The pasta was cooked al dante and I enjoy the simple combination of garlic, fresh basil, tomato,chilli oil and the olive oil.

Fusilli Bucati alla Boscaiola- Fusilli bucati corti tossed with imported Italian porcini mushrooms, sage, garlic, chilli, pancetta and tomatoes, topped with shredded Grana Padano


Some food are meant for sharing. Pizza is just one of those ‘unselfish’ food. In La Camera, the pizza is massive and  came overflowing off the plate. The crust is thin and the toppings were generous. With over 20 choices of variety ranging from classic Napolitana to more exotic ingredients such as fish roe in Il Gambero, the selection will sure to please ; one way or another.

Il Gambero – mozzarella, marinated king prawns, fish roe, fresh basil and olive oil


I’ve never (never say never, so I’ll say 90%) fail to order tiramisu if it’s on the dessert menu. But, I hate to disappoint dessert fans here, the tiramisu is just average in terms of flavour.The portion is huge so it’s good for sharing.



The strength of La Camera lies in its varieties. A place where it is easy to please everyone. With a view to boot, no wonder it’s always buzzing with activities. The experience would have been even better with a more consistent service. Sometimes, the service may seemed a bit rushed. Good food and company in a room with a view is an experience to be savoured.. slowly..

La Camera

03 9699 3600

2 Southgate Map
Southbank, VIC 3006

Open: Mon-Sunday for breakfast,lunch & dinner

Sat-Sun for late dining

Price: $$ ( $15-25 per main)

Cuisine: Italian

Description: Restaurant,Bar,Outdoor dining, Waterfront

Ambience: 8.5

Service: 7.0

Food: 7.5

Value:  8.0

My Rating: 7.75

La Camera on Urbanspoon


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