Melbourne Food Itinerary

Don’t be fooled that my absence from the blog for the past few weeks was an absence from the food scene. As a matter of fact, I had been on the eating frenzy with my family in town visiting from Malaysia.So,where do you bring your visitors for food in Melbourne?With some of my regular hangouts and specific requests ,check out new ideas when visitors come knocking on your door! Would be great if you could share your favourite ‘This is Melbourne” dining place too!

Facets of Melbourne Dining Scene

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   The Hardware Societe

My love affair with The Hardware Societe continues. What’s better to showcase the ultimate Melburnian breakfast scene than this little European charm? We were lucky enough to made it for the breakfast meal by mere minutes. Savoury or sweet tooth..everything in the menu is sure to please. To understand why I love this cafe, checkout the full account here.

The Hardware Société on Urbanspoon

 Shark Fin House

My all-time favourite ‘yum cha’ restaurant in the CBD. Full of varieties from with both savouries and desserts options.Just remember not to be carried away when the trolley of yummy food stares at you invitingly. Self-refrain is a virtue in a yum cha setting. The food here is always promising. Wish I could say the same for the service.

Shark Fin House on Urbanspoon

Hopetoun Tea Rooms

Located in the elegant Block Arcade, Hopetoun Tea Rooms is not to be missed. Dessert galore, graceful waitresses and the intimate setting transport us back to the era where ladies do lunches. For a full account of my previous visit, please click here.

Hopetoun Tea Rooms on Urbanspoon


Thanh Phong

On the way to locate another restaurant, Matt Preston’s face  restaurant review pasted on the window caught my attention. Famished and curious, we gave this a try. The beef noodle was average but loved the seafood pancake! Fast service and more elegant ambience compared to the other Vietnamese restaurant.

Thanh Phong on Urbanspoon

Super Inn Restaurant

Now I can call myself a true Melburnian. I’ve finally made it to Super Inn which is a Melburnian ‘institution’. Loved the silky smooth congee which come in many varieties. All the a-la-carte dishes were simple but beautifully executed. Will definitely be going back for more!

Supper Inn on Urbanspoon

Dainty Sichuan Restaurant

This restaurant comes with a warning. Not for the ‘faint tastebuds’ and can be quite addictive. Used to be my regular hangout on a wintery Friday night whilst it was located on the dark,cobblerstone lane in Chinatown. I must admit that this is my first visit ever since the restaurant shifted to South Yarra. Even after leaving Melbourne for a few years, the addictive spicy food still got my brother hooked! “When are  we going to Dainty Sichuan?” he kept asking me. Don’t go without trying the spicy fish, spicy pork ribs and fried eggplant. Just an advice, balance your dish with one/two non-spicy food unless you enjoying eating the rest of your meal with a numb tongue! So,brave yourself and be prepared to be ‘blown away’!

Dainty Sichuan on Urbanspoon

Briyani House

You know you are a regular when the guy on the line  recognised your voice and said your name before you can! Briyani House is without doubt my favourite lazy night take away place. Quick service and huge portion. A little intimidating at times as I turned out to be the only lady  in the whole tiny restaurant packed with guys. My favourite orders: chicken briyani and lamb masala. Cheap,tasty and fast service. No wonder it’s a popular spot for taxi drivers and odd people like me!

Biryani House on Urbanspoon

Where would you bring your visitors to eat in Melbourne? Please share.. Thanks!

4 Responses to “Melbourne Food Itinerary”
  1. No visit to Melbourne is complete without dining at Cookie on Swanston St.

    • foodloca says:

      Thanks for the comment Mark. Oppss..I’ve might committed a Melburnian food blogger faux pas. Been to Cookies numerous times but never for dining! That only mean another one in my food list!

  2. Zax Teh says:

    Good food!!!! I was there eating!!! hahahaa

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