YOU are invited! FoodSocial Foodie Trail – South Wharf Promenade

Discover three restaurants in one night!

The idea

Variety is the spice of life. Discover three different dining cultures in one night at South Wharf Promenade, Melbourne’s new district for scenic waterside dining. As the sun sets on the waterfront, our Foodie Trail starts off with a drink and canapés in the relaxed atmosphere of The Common Man. We’ll then move on to shared mains with a Mediterranean twist in the restored woodshed interior of Shed 5, before being transported to Spain for dessert at Bohemian. Relax, enjoy and socialise with other food lovers as we journey on this culinary adventure together.

The Common Man

Shed 5


What You’ll Get

  • Three meals & three drinks
  • Canapés and a drink at The Common Man for meet and greet.
  • Shared meals at Shed 5 accompanied by a glass of wine.
  • Shared desserts at Bohemian accompanied by a glass of wine.

What You’ll Do

  • Discover three different restaurants in a night from cocktail style canapés at The Common Man, to Mediterranean cuisine at Shed 5 and Spanish fare at Bohemian.
  • Enjoy a dining experience overlooking the spectacular scenic waterfront of South Wharf Promenade
  • Meet and socialise with other food lovers over shared dining experience

Picture & Video

Pictures & video taken on the event may be posted and used for promotion.Please let the organizers know if you would not like to appear in any social medium. Unless stated otherwise, you have given permission to the organizers to use the pictures & video taken on the event.

Limited spaces! Secure your booking today!

All booking at >>
Common Man on Urbanspoon

Shed 5 on Urbanspoon

Bohemian Bar & Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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