About Moi

Living la vida loca!

I am a self-proclaimed food lover who is a ‘legal’ drug dealer by profession but loves food more than saving  patients. Where do you get your food obsession passion from one asked? Well, I’m born into a nation  where eating is considered the No. 1 pastime – Malaysia. Also, I’m a self-confessed Francophile. There’s no nation that takes food more seriously than the French ( Where in the world a chef would commit suicide because he lost a Michelin star?). These two reasons alone cook the perfect recipe for a food lover!

Grown up in Malaysia, studied in Europe and living in Melbourne plus being an avid traveller, let’s just say that my taste buds are also well exposed! Everywhere I go, I somehow connect with food lovers around the world. Love of food is an universal language. Therefore, it’s my mission to connect food lovers around the world and share the experience.

In this blog, you’ll get to perv on the food gallery and video, share my dining experience, ponder on food talk, explore the food scenes around the world and finally share some recipes that I cook during Sundays! So, let the journey begins! Are you in or what?


Your faithful food lover,

   Pheh Sze @ Foodloca

8 Responses to “About Moi”
  1. Jeff says:

    Thank you for your “Red Spice Road” lamb rib recipe. I’m in the second hour of the first stage. I’ll let you know how it turns out in part 2 tomorrow night. I tried a different version of this recipe 2 months ago. After reading your recipe i knew it more work better (more cooking time).
    Thanks again, your now in my favorites.

    • foodloca says:

      You are much welcomed! Yes,do tell me how it goes! It’s so time consuming but I guess it’s all worth it when your guest had the first bite and exclaimed ‘WOW”!haha.. Now,at least I know I’m not the ONLY ‘crazy’ one to try out this recipe!And, thanks for putting me your favourites! Cheers!

  2. Jeff says:

    Hi, sorry for the delay. I cooked the ribs the next day. My teenage daughter expessed her disgust at the view of the cold ribs from the fidge. That attitude changed after the egg washed dusted ribs were served. My family of 7 polished off the 2 kg of ribs in no time. It has been requested for next weeks mid week menu. Thank you again. It brought back memories of Red Spice Road.

    • foodloca says:

      Wow! Well done Jeff! That’s a great effort just for a family dinner. They are indeed very lucky to have you! Yes,it sure does bring memory of Red Spice Road. I’ve yet to try the famous “pork belly’ but definitely on my list! I have the recipe for an easy and delicious beef laap from Red Spice Road as well.Perfect for the coming hot summer days!Happy cooking & let me know if you try any of the recipes!

      Red Spice Road Beef Laap Recipe

  3. Jeff says:

    Tried the recipe again tonight. I slow cooked 3kg of ribs on the stove in a large pot lid on (2 hr). Drained and cooled for 10min, egg washed floured according to recipe. Turned out spot on. Thanks again for the recipe. Down side, my wife and I have put on a few Kgs since discovering your site.

    • foodloca says:

      Wow! That’s great! hhaha…oppsss.. As a pharmacist, I would recommend everything in moderation!haha.. Kinda conflicting as I’m advocating food galore too! Everything is about balance.. Will put more healthy and yummy recipe too! Cheers!

  4. Jeff says:

    From 3Kg of lamb ribs I trimmed 500g of fat. When simmer and chilled I removed another 500g of that hardens at the top of the pot. You could market it as the 33% fat free rib recipe.

    • foodloca says:

      Very good and healthy tips indeed Jeff! I’ll post it on the tips section. Thanks for sharing!

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