The Retro ‘IT’ Chin Chin

It is a new movement in Melbourne. Asian inspired tapas style dining experience. And, Melbournian just couldn’t get enough of it. This could partly explain the draw of the latest IT restaurant in Melbourne – Chin Chin. Even the name is catchy! Just like Mamasita (which is still ‘hot’ from the looks of it), I’ve … Continue reading

A gem at Golden Fields

A gem at Golden Fields ‘ Would you like to write a ‘love letter’ back to Andrew? Of course! Give me a pen!” This is not a regular food review. Instead, it will be my ‘love letter’ to the creator of Golden Fields, Andrew McConnell, as a token of my appreciation ( I DID write … Continue reading

Red Spice Road Restaurant Review

The word Red Spice Road almost immediately conjure the image of its signature dish – pork belly. The restaurant is synonymous with pork belly as how Eiffel Tower is with Paris. My first visit to Red Spice Road was in those early days when no booking was essential. As one would have guessed,those days were long … Continue reading