Bite of Big Apple

Ahhh… New York, New York! The food scene here is just as varied as the New Yorker. Momofuku Noodle Bar ” A must try!” Anyone who has been following Masterchef Australia 2011 would probably know who David Chang is. Yes, he’s the owner of the Momofuku flagship. I’ve been only to the Momofuku Noodle Bar … Continue reading

I ♥ NY Food Video – My love letter to City of Dreams

This is my love letter to NY. The city of dreams. The city that never sleeps. So,just sit back and get inspired! My favourite food memory of New York. Eating my take-away banana cream puff from Bouchon Bakery while watching kids practising baseball at the Central Park.Priceless. If you’ve been to New York, or a … Continue reading

The Top 5 Don’ts Dining Tips In America

Do’s and Don’ts usually come hand in hand. Funnily enough, people tend to remember the NOT rather than the DO. I guess human are just rebellious by nature. Anyhow, learn from my experience and don’t…. 1. Be overwhelmed by choice. America is great. It is a land of opportunity. There’s almost nothing you can’t get here. … Continue reading

The Top 5 Do’s Dining Tips In America

Every country has something to offer. It is up to us, as visitors, to explore and find that out for ourselves. So, during my recent trip to the fast-food nation, America, not only I want to debunk the stereotypes but also to make most out of my culinary experience.As one would have guessed, I was … Continue reading

Taste of America

This video showcase my food journey  as my friends and I eat our way through East & West Coast of America ( Yes! we did eat ALL those food except those on the counter and all the pictures are taken by us). I was extremely curious to explore the food scene in America. One can … Continue reading