Food Talk

This is dedicated to all the food lovers out there. You know who you are. There are different labels given: foodie, gourmand or simply glutton- you named it. There’s a saying ” There’s two types of people in this world. Those who eat to live, and those who live to eat.” It’s a no brainer and please don’t be ashamed to admit which group you fall into. If you are still unsure (or wouldn’t admit the fact) which group you fall into, check out this checklist:

1. Your eyes twinkle, mouth starts to salivate and stomach started to jump start when you imagine the juicy steak cooked to perfection, the sweet aroma of freshly baked bread, the fresh shucked oyster and the list goes on. I am getting excited just writting this!

2. You always think when or what your next meal will be.

3. You secretly looking forward to try out the new restaurant you’ve been dying to go more than meeting your lovely dining companion(s) (opps!)

4. You’ll drive one hour away to try this amazing dish you’ve been hearing or read and yes, it’s two hour journey all together and no, you are not crazy!

5. All your senses come together when you eat. Dining is an experience of sight, smell, taste, sensation or even sound!

6. You appreciate and love tiny details put into food.

7. You check out menus online and perv on the food gallery of the restaurant website during free hours.

8. Your friends start labelling you foodie, glutton or simply loca!

9. You check out the restaurants before places to visit when you travel.

10.Food put a smile on your face.

Convinced yet? I may not know you yet but we all share the same love- food. Food speaks in universal language. So, all food lovers unite! Cheers and bon appétit!

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