Sunday Chef

Some people go to church religiously on Sunday but I ‘religiously‘ go to the Victoria Market on Sunday. I have a routine of going to market in this sequence; the vegetables ›  fruits› seafood › meats › poultry › Asian grocery. Enough grocery for a week to feed an army my friend used to say ( You’ll be surprised how much food I eat!). Victoria market is a perfect place for varieties and fresh produce. I used to be such a regular patron at a specific charcuterie store that I’m greeted with ” How many slices of smoked salmon you want this week?” instead of “Hi! What would you like?”.I enjoy the sound, sight and feel of Victoria Market on Sunday. I love how young couples come with  paper on their hand with the grocery list, tourists absorbing the hustle and bustle of the market,  and how I can buy 1 onion without getting questioned.

Sunday night is a new recipe cooking night for me. Hence, the term “Sunday Chef”. Here I’ll share the recipes that’s tried and tested with my own tips ( It’s good to learn from someone’s burnt meal and what NOT to do!). So, get your inner chef cooking away!

NOTE: All the recipes are found by clicking the ‘ Sunday Chef’ category.


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