Out of the world experience – Vue de Monde Restaurant

My Vue de Monde experience was written the day after the lingering effect of a 5 hour dining journey. This is copied from my personal blog. It reflects more on the whole dining experience rather  than just a food review per se. If you are curious why I feel that  this is an out-of-the-world experience,read on…

About a year ago…..

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There’s nothing better than an ultimate dining experience to spur me back to life again! I was on food heaven last night. Vue de Monde dining experience can easily be defined as my ultimate dining experience. It’s out of the world! Just bear with me..I have no choice but to gosh my way through to explain it (if that’s even possible!). The building itself is majestic. We were greeted by friendly staff and shown our way to our seats. The decor feels plush yet very comfortable. The art piece provides a mischievous tone to the place. We started off with a glass of champagne of course. After discussion with the staff, we decided to go all the way (10 course degustation menu accompanied by wine). It is not a night of guilty pleasure but a night of simply letting go and pure enjoyment. Some experiences are just priceless.

My goodies of organic eggs,with biscuit,brioche,tea leaves and recipe

I don’t even know how I am going to describe the food. They are simply a piece of art on plate. They teased all your senses-smell, sight, taste. The wines are simply divine. My face erupted into a huge smile after a meal and my grin just got wider and wider as the night progresses. At one point, I almost forgotten I’m in a public dining area. I was transported to this world where I just feel pure pleasure as the combination of sensations erupted in my mouth. I almost felt embarrassed with my own reaction! (with curious look from nearby table).The service was impeccable. We were handpicked and chosen to be given a private tour to the kitchen. We got to meet and see how the magic was transformed in the kitchen. I remembered this high-tech fridge which goes below 30 celsius but the beauty is that nothing freezes in it. I feel like a student going for a tour in this scientific and artistic creation. I hand off my hat to the creator of this magic. He knows the heart of a true blue food lover. He knows that dining experience does not only limited to food but also to little details. At one point of the meal, the maitre came over to check on us and he could simply sense our excitement. I told him that I felt like bringing my notebook and a pen to record all the tiny details of the food. As how excellent service goes, he offered us to email the details of the menu. I even wrote a little private note for him! I think I got his hope high but I simply draw a little note of ” Merci beaucoup!”. Nevertheless, he was tickled by it and came and let me know it. The waiters have great sense humour and I simply feel like I’m dining at home with private chefs! I don’t know if it’s the wine but I feel like a child again. I love the element of surprises. We were giggling like little kids eating our pop ice cream. My mouth feels like a little popcorn machine. What an exciting experience!

My Vue de Monde inspired breakfast with smoked salmon omelette

I can’t believe our food journey took us a whole 5 hours. By the end of it, we were just on cloud nine. With a full stomach and heart, we stumbled out . In another element of surprise, we were greeted at the door with two bags of complimentary breakfast! Now, I simply felt like I’m on the moon. We quickly open to the bag like little kids opening their christmas present. My oh my! We were given a complete breakfast of brioche wrapped with ribbon, egg carton filled with free-range eggs and cookie dipped with chocolate complete with a Mint bag, tea and of course recipe to see to us how to enjoy the gift. You know that you had an out of the world experience when you wake up and still think of it. Indeed. I woke up with joy. It was a joy as I cooked the breakfast and simply enjoy it. Thank you for the experience. It came just at the right time. As pricey as it may be, the whole experience is PRICELESS!!

PS: As my photos taken do not do justice to the amazing food, I would like to invite you to drool yourself over their food gallery ( That’s what I was doing before going to the restaurant!)


Vue de Monde Restaurant


(03) 9691 3888

Open:Lunch : Tuesday – Friday

Dinner: Tuesday – Saturday

Price: $$$$

Lunch : 2 courses for $55
3 courses for $70

Dinner : 5 course for $150

Gastronome Menu is the top level menu incorporating several premium ingredients and is priced at $250 per person.

*NOTE: Price doesn’t include wine pairing.

Cuisine: French

Description: Restaurant

Ambience: 9.0

Service: 9.5

Food: 9.5

Value: 8.5

My Rating: 9.0

Vue de monde on Urbanspoon


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