Melbourne Food Itinerary

Don’t be fooled that my absence from the blog for the past few weeks was an absence from the food scene. As a matter of fact, I had been on the eating frenzy with my family in town visiting from Malaysia.So,where do you bring your visitors for food in Melbourne?With some of my regular hangouts … Continue reading

The Retro ‘IT’ Chin Chin

It is a new movement in Melbourne. Asian inspired tapas style dining experience. And, Melbournian just couldn’t get enough of it. This could partly explain the draw of the latest IT restaurant in Melbourne – Chin Chin. Even the name is catchy! Just like Mamasita (which is still ‘hot’ from the looks of it), I’ve … Continue reading

Part 2: Where to get Malaysian Dishes in Melbourne

Now that you are acquainted with some Malaysian hawker dishes, wouldn’t it be nice to know where are the best places to try those dishes? And, there’s nothing better than a fellow Malaysian recommendation! I must admit, my knowledge may be limited within 5km parameter of Melbourne CBD, but it’s expanding for sure. I’ll review … Continue reading

A gem at Golden Fields

A gem at Golden Fields ‘ Would you like to write a ‘love letter’ back to Andrew? Of course! Give me a pen!” This is not a regular food review. Instead, it will be my ‘love letter’ to the creator of Golden Fields, Andrew McConnell, as a token of my appreciation ( I DID write … Continue reading

Wagyu BBQ delight at Guhng Restaurant

  This newly opened restaurant is one of those  you usually discover by accident. Located  on McKillop Lane, it is a perfect second  choice when you get rejected by the more  famous Red Spice Road Restaurant next to it. As a fan of waygu beef,my friend recommended this delightful find for our catchup. It was … Continue reading